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Being around the right kind of people on Christmas

I’ve had a lot of energy the last few days, but no way to expel it. My first reaction in a situation like this is to shut down and disconnect. While this seems to work while I’m alone, it never goes well when I am surrounded by people. I need to convince myself that it will be good for me to open up and interact. Sometimes, when surrounded by the right people, this works perfectly. Yet I have had so many bad experiences with opening up that it has become very hard for me to do so. Fortunately, these past couple of days have completely changed my perception of the world. The people I have been around have been so amazing, kind, and hospitable that after only a little while of feeling shut down, I was able to regroup, be present, and come out of my own headspace. The dancing, the fun, the music, the laughter. All of this was able to calm my brain down and I actually had a good time. Weird. Being this happy has not been my norm as of lately. Funny how simply being around a great group of people can make so much of a difference for me. I hope I can keep this up. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Henry Lesser is a homeschooling drummer and artist from New York City. He’s currently in Guadeloupe participating in the Advice Project’s Guadeloupe Adventure/Writing Winter Program.


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