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Global Citizen - January, 2017: Colleen Curry from Global Witness interviews two of our students, Shneider and Gaelle, about their documentary: Hidden Truths: Exposing Cultural Practices That Hurt Teen Girls in Cameroon.

The Village Voice - February, 2016: A great article by Katherine Martinelli for The VIllage Voice about Advice Project Media's new Food of Liberation community dinner series.

Radio France Internationale - March, 2015Listen to an interview about the upcoming 2015 Advice Project Global Leadership and Empowerment Summit with our Cameroon Program Director, Fomuso Blessing Nabila, on Radio France Internationale with Laura Angela Bagnetto.

ED News Daily - November, 2014: ED News Daily published an interview about Advice Project Media, calling it “the most important educational project for young women in the world today.”

Wandering Educators - June, 2014: Wandering Educators posted this weekly feature by our Founder/CEO Melissa Banigan detailing the Advice Project’s 2015 Teen Summit to Peru.


BootsnAll - May, 2014: Interview on BootsnAll about the inspiration behind the Advice Project, the anthology and Founder/CEO, Melissa Banigan, the importance of travel and global education, dreaming big, and the  2015 Global Summit for Teen Girls in Peru.

Women You Should Know - February, 2014: Article on Women You Should Know about how Advice to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self (the backbone of our curriculum) is reinventing the cultural phenomenon that is the self-help industry.

Winnovating - January, 2014: Feature on Winnovating by Gabriella Runnels about the importance of accurate, comprehensive resources for teen girls, and an interview with our Founder/CEO, Melissa Banigan.

The FBomb - January, 2014: Guest post on The FBomb that includes a very personal letter of advice by our Founder/CEO, Melissa Banigan.

Author Website - Alex Bledsoe - January, 2014: Guest post on author Alex Bledsoe’s website about how writing dystopian and fantasy novels isn’t that different from editing stories involving the poverty, suffering and inequality many girls and women face in real-life.

Wandering Educators - December, 2013: Interview and video with Dr. Jessie Voigts from Wandering Educators.

Red Bridade - December, 2013: Anthology/campaign is written about on the French Red Brigade Lucknow website. The Red Brigade organization was started by Usha Vishwakarma to combat sexual violence of women in Lucknow, India.

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