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Students in this semester's Uppity Witches class (taught at Different Directions) are releasing the first issue of THE THIRD DEGREE on December 15th. THE THIRD DEGREE is a newspaper that exposes witch hunts, examines gender and social issues, feminism, pop culture, and patriarchy.

The name of the paper is a euphemism for a torturous interrogation method used throughout the ages to make people confess to crimes they haven’t committed. In fact, this method of interrogation is still being used today! THE THIRD DEGREE’s student-editors sometimes use satire and humor to share the issues they’ve learned in class, occasionally get to the nitty gritty by writing opinion pieces and conducting interviews with contemporary witches, and even add a few games (crossword puzzles and word searches!).

The first issue will be shared online December 15th.

#TheThirdDegree #UppityWitches #witches #witchhunts #newspaper

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