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It all works out

The Lonely Stroll (Denmark #29 Tornby Strand), by Nelson L.

The Lonely Stroll (Denmark #29 Tornby Strand), by Nelson L.

Dear Thirteen-Year-Old Naama,

The first thing I want to tell you is that it all works out.

When you are 40, you’ll be writing this letter from your couch in your home in Brooklyn that you live in with your husband that you love dearly and your two adorable children that make your heart explode with love every day. You will feel gratitude for everything you have, but you’ll also feel stressed, tired and frustrated at times.

But this letter isn’t about what happens later, it’s about your life now. So here goes. Right now, you don’t believe all of these things but but in time you will learn that they are true:

  • Your teachers think you talk too much, they are wrong. You just ask a lot of questions. Keep doing it. It’s how you learn.

  • You are good at math. Don’t let Geometry own you. Just concentrate and master it.

  • You are very empathetic. This will make you a good leader but you’ll also cry a lot because you take on the pain of other people. Crying isn’t a bad thing. It’s proof that you have feelings.

  • In ten years, you won’t even remember the names of the boys you have crushes on today. They are inconsequential. If they don’t like you back, move on.

  • People can’t hurt you without you allowing them to. Choose not to be hurt. Please.

  • You will travel the world – and it will change you. Take any chance you get to explore.

  • You’ll still be flat-chested as a grown up – and that’s OK.

  • Don’t use Sun In. It damages your hair and makes it turn orange. Trust me on this one.

  • The world is a beautiful and scary place. But just because it’s scary, do not tread lightly. Go for what you want in life.

  • There will be times when people will tell you that you’re crazy and you will tell yourself it’s too hard but don’t let anyone stop you.

  • Remember that nightgown you had that said “Girls can do anything boys can do”? It’s true. But we can do so much more. We can become mothers.

  • Speaking about mothers, help yours. Empty the dishwasher when she asks. She’s one of the best.

  • The fact that you never question whether or not your mother loves you is a gift. Not everyone gets that gift so cherish it and always know that you’re lucky.

Good luck. I’ll see you in 27 years.


Naama Bloom is a mother, wife, former American Express marketing director, and founder of HelloFlo, a company focused on providing products, content and services for women and girls through every life stage.

#mothers #girls

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