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I am always with you

Dear Thirteen-Year-Old Bharti,

It was around your age that I started to understand more about life and feel that I was alone. I wished to fly, move and grow, but sadly, my wings were broken when I was told I couldn’t continue my studies due to financial issues.

But Dearest Me, you are strong, and you will have the confidence to achieve big things. You will realize that you can make a difference. This realization will help you! You will learn how to comfort yourself when you feel alone, and to hug yourself when you need someone to hold you tight. You are never really alone, because your future self is looking back at you and is with you. Today, everything I am is because of everything you did to get me here! Together, we will fly!

Thanks, and with love,


My name is Bharti Singh Chauhan, and I am from Jaipur Rajasthan, India. I am a woman who fought for my right to an education after facing financial issues and real life challenges. Although I didn’t have support or guidance, I never lost my confidence and today I am successful professional working with a leading telecom company called Vodafone. I am also a social worker and, in April, 2014, founded PraveenLata Sansthan, a child welfare and women empowerment-focused NGO based in Rajasthan.

Although my early life was difficult, my passion and commitment to my working for society began when, at the age of 14, I used to help provide tuition and support for some of the children who lived near me whose parents couldn’t afford to educate their children. I dreamed big, and during my time in college, I joined the Rotaract (Rotary) Club and was recognized as a Best Club Service Director. In January 2012, I got the opportunity to volunteer for six weeks working for street living children in Mumbai by becoming the World of Difference Program Winner by the Vodafone Foundation. Today I am known as a World Of Difference Ambassador for the Vodafone Foundation.

I am driven in my continued work to uplift vulnerable children across my community by conducting awareness programs through activities, workshops and roadshows, always leaving a strong message behind about issues among children and girls such as the right to an education, safety for adolescents, gender discrimination, domestic violence and child abuse. Girls and women see me as a role model, as I not only fought hard to bring my dreams to fruition, but I took a stand to support other children to help them fulfill their dreams.

BhartiI am proud to have won many awards during my career life and also feel like I’ve given to society by investing my savings and time as a leader to grow PraveenLata Sansthan. I believe that a small step makes a big difference and I have taken many steps to help promote change. My goal is to be a voice for the voiceless.


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