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Meet the 2016-2017 Advice Project Media interns!

This past weekend our five new 2016-2017 Advice Project Media writing and filmmaking interns met for the first time. Interns have already been given their first journalistic assignments, and over the course of the next seven months they will tackle some of the most pressing gender and environmental issues of our time, all from the teen perspective. Our meetings involve media, writing, and filmmaking training, as well as lessons on specific "big picture" global issues such as:

  • The global consumption of palm oil;

  • How to change political landscapes to reflect the unique needs of youth;

  • "Girl power" versus a broader, healthier intersectional feminism;

  • The health of our oceans and coral reefs.

Help give us a warm welcome to our new interns! Below are brief introductions, in their own words:

My name is Maria Perez. I'm a Latina living in Brooklyn, New York. Currently a junior at Essex Street Academy, I'm taking Caribbean Cultures at the University of New York. I've been awarded a merit award by the Dominican Council. In my spare time you can find me writing, reading, binge-watching Grey's Anatomy, entering Broadway lotteries, and speaking out about the gentrification in my community.

I am Alameda Sky Chapman and I'm in my junior year of high school and am a student athlete on a row team. My home is in Brooklyn, New York.

My name is Shiloh Janowick. I have written two novels, created several art films, coded one website and eaten an unnatural amount of food, all in New York City.

My name is Anevay Darlington. I’m a student living in Brooklyn who was gifted the love of learning. My favorite pastimes include people watching, feeding birds, staring into space with my mouth open and playing various instruments in music shops. I am very passionate about solving social and environmental problems.

I'm Maya Holtham, I am a teen from New York City who is trying to writes new perspectives about global issues. I am a freshman at the Brooklyn Friends School, a cellist, and a poet, and during my free time you can find me doodling in my notebook.


Help support Advice Project Media so that we can help youth tell their own stories!


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