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Am I Pretty?

They decorate me like a Christmas Tree. Then, they say, “You are so pretty.”

But then I say, “No, No, No.” Then they put a big fat bow on me.

Why do they do this to me? Can’t they see my real beauty?

I am much better inside than what I look like on the outside.

So, please, please, please answer me —



Hasina Nayl is 11 years old and lives in New York. Her favorite color is red and she is in love with writing. She hopes everyone reading her poem benefits from it’s important message.

Hasina wrote this poem during an Advice Project Media workshop for girls at the New York Center for Women for Afghan Women, a women’s human rights organization in New York and Kabul that advocates for the rights of Afghan women and builds programming to secure, protect and advance Afghan women’s human rights in New York and across Afghanistan.

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