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SUBMITTING ESSAYS We want to read powerful essays, longform nonfiction, and op-ed articles written by youth, women, indigenous peoples, people who identify as trans/genderqueer, and all feminists and environmentalists working for good. We want pieces from people from all walks of life and from all cultures, and especially want to hear from people whose voices are traditionally silenced. All pieces must partner a problem with an applicable solution. We love stories that offer global perspectives, create bridges between communities and cultures, and incorporate current events. Please note that while we publish a limited number of articles by adults, we really want articles written by youth. Teens - particularly girls - are often exposed to very “adult” situations – they fight in wars, are married off by their families, are trafficked, raped, abused, and have children of their own. But their voices are marginalized, under-valued, and misrepresented. We want to help amplify the voices and stories of teens, as told by teens. SUBMITTING LETTERS Writing letters to our younger selves is not only a great way to reflect on the things that have shaped us, but the process also allows us to offer advice to those who need it the most. Melissa Banigan, Founder and Editor of Advice Project Media, has edited an anthology called Advice to My Thirteen Year Old Self, a collection of 50 letters of advice written by women from around the world to their teenage selves, and she hopes that the book will inspire girls and women alike to write their own letters! Do you believe that YOU have advice that will empower and enrich the lives of young women? Or do you just need an outlet through which to share your experiences? By all means, send us your submission and we’ll carefully read and consider it for our website! Whether you’re an astronaut, a mother of four, a teenage Doctor Who fan, or an alpaca farmer, the stories you write in your letters are important. PROCESS FOR SUBMITTING EITHER AN ESSAY OR A LETTER Before you send us your essay or letter, please first take a look at some of the work we've published. Ready to submit? Send us your query, here. Outline the problem you want to illuminate, why you are the right person to share your story, as well as a proposed solution. We don't care if you have 500 bylines or are just starting out a career as a writer or journalist. We care more about your story, passion for your topic, and willingness to share your writing with the world. Of course, we also care about beautiful writing and great storytelling - but we believe those things reside within people from all walks of life. NOTE By submitting a letter and photos, you are giving your permission to let us post them to the Advice Project Media website, share them via social media, and maybe even in newsletters and promotional materials. We will always be considerate with your words, and will try to work with contributors if large edits are needed, but please note that once a piece is posted, it’s out there for the world to see and may, in the future, be considered for inclusion in printed books. Make sure that what you’re writing is information that you’re ready and willing to share with the world. That said, we’re excited to read your honest, beautiful stories, and thank you in advance for sharing it with us.

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