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Melissa Banigan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advice Project Media (the "Advice Project"). She believes in the power of small, grassroots organizations, and feels that great storytelling can change the world.


Melissa's approach is to work with local partners and focus at all times on partnering problems with solutions. She's spent over 20 years working with youth, families, children, people living with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and other marginalized people in schools, private residences, and community programs. Passionate about building strong relationships with communities, Melissa has partnered with grassroots organizations such as Gender Danger, the Marie-claire N. Kuja Foundation, and the Mandela Voluntary Foundation.

In addition to her work with Advice Project Media, Melissa is an author and journalist. Her book, "Coping with Teen Pregnancy", was released in 2019 by Rosen Publishing. Two subsequent books, "Developing a Strategy for a Political Campaign" and "Working with the Community in a Political Campaign", were released with the same publisher in 2020. Melissa's work is found in the Washington Post, CNN, the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, the Independent, and NPR, among many others. She's also the Founder and Senior Content Strategist at HiveMind Communications. 

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